Why Join Us

Why join us?

TT New World Technology Inc. is a platform that will train you for software development through online consultation and training. It works on a global level where we provide live online training to fine-tune the skills of our engineers. Receive guidance & mentoring from Experts to Help you Crack Top Tech Interviews.

We provide advanced video courses and extended set of interactions.  You will better your skills by getting trained by us.  Our training program helps you to streamline your career and reach your goal.

Our areas of training are as follows:-

  • Linux training and programming refresher
  • Agile methodology
  • Git and GitHub
  • Maven
  • CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Configuration management with Ansible
  • Kubernetes
  • Monitoring with Grafana, Prometheus and Nagios
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform

We provide over 120+ hours of online courses. Our courses include Linux, DevOps, cloud platforms, and Terraforms.

By joining us, we guarantee that the professionals will cover the following skills:-

  • Linux and programming language.
  • Agile methodology.
  • Configuration management.
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • DevOps methodology.
  • Deployment automation.
  • Containerization.
  • IAC.

We have many free tools that are available online. It will simplify for you to learn the programming language of your desire, or online videos and courses will help you understand the basics to get started.

The software development industry is in high demand, and it needs professionals and experts who can create it according to its specifications. We make sure that you learn those specifications other than other options available.

We allow professionals to work from home. This is because almost all of their job is done on a computer. So they can communicate with their consultation and training teams wherever they are.

They allow our professionals to work collaboratively and individually. They can do individual tasks by breaking down the overall project into smaller components. In this way, they will learn more.

Our software is such that It always has new tools to acquire and better ways of developing Software’. Experts can learn new programming languages and new tools to make development easier, and they can get rid of the old languages.

Our professionals always come up with solutions to our employees’ problems and clients. They find creative ways to solve those problems through coding, and individuals can create practically any type of software they want.

TT New World Technology is one of the leading IT service providers. Working with us will expose you to various new technologies, and you will also have an opportunity to work with clients globally.

Our work culture is such that we encourage professionals to upgrade their skills sets. This is because they can have a chance to work on any areas of their interests. There are more on-site opportunities.

We provide excellent training to our clients. They have less work pressure as compared to others.

Our experts and professional team is always available to guide and train our clients. We make sure that they are as friendly and cooperative as possible.

We are just one click away. You can email us at info@ttneworldtechnology.com or directly call us at +1 2405955190. We will always be there to help you.