We provide online live training
in the following core areas

120+ hours of online course

TT New World Technology Incorporation is a consulting and training platform for various software courses. It includes cloud platforms, IT, automation, business intelligence, and DevOps. It is also related to business and IT courses.


We train the individuals on the required skills for their desired courses. We help them succeed as DevOps, cloud, infrastructure, Linux, design, test, release, and site reliability engineers by fine-tuning their skills.

We take the engineers’ skills to the highest level with courses on the most popular programming languages. We make them understand how to use developer tools, practice software applications, and develop application platforms. Our engineers can build, test, secure, scale, and deploy anything from web pages to mobile applications through our training.

Our engineers learn on their timelines and can master their craft by the perfect use of resources. They can keep up with the emerging trends in software development.

Individuals can develop software development skills to move fast and stay ahead. They can learn these skills from experts, and experts can validate their skill levels with assessments that measure up to five minutes or less.

Features of training:-

The training includes hands-on learning, in which knowledge is practiced and applied faster in real-world scenarios. These include projects and interactive courses. Plus, there are myriad courses. And with the help of the expert, individuals can keep up with the pace of change.

There is a complete curriculum of the courses that we provide. They may comprise courses in design rules, project management, architectural roles, and technical roles. The individual can learn to manage and deliver software projects within stipulated time and budget.

The environment of training:-

Many of our courses are offered in the classroom environment and online training, and we make sure that they are as flexible as one needs. In both ways, an individual can successfully gain access to unparalleled hands-on experience and elite instructors. There is end-to-end expert guidance from the beginning of enrolment to back on the job.

Training instructors:-

Instructors are always there to guide you and make you do the following:-

  • You can directly contact your instructor and get direct answers to your queries from them regarding any course of interest.
  • You can receive advice and guidance from expert instructors about courses.

An instructor can also coach you beyond the course and help you apply your newly-gained knowledge and resolve your minor misunderstandings or hurdles.


Our training prepares you for whatever certification you want to take on. It helps place an individual among the elites or the most skillful ones in their fields, and they can be recognized as tangible in meeting their personal and organizational goals.

TT New World Technology will help you in every way to get there with the courses and the tools required to prepare you to earn from the most popular industries. In addition to instructor-led training, we have developed solutions that can help you meet your professional goals whenever and however you want. Our training will certainly give you the flexibility and convenience of achieving fast pace.