About Us

TT New World Technology Incorporation is an interactive live platform that provides consulting and training on business, software, and IT courses. It includes IT automation, DevOps, business intelligence, and cloud platforms.

Our global incorporation ensures maximum inevitability and fulfillment through deep commitment with our clients and engineers. We ensure the exhaustive progress of our industry in this ever-changing technological phenomenon.

We are elated to make our engineers able to meet the international competitions. We make our engineers a global entity, and they are very satisfied with our services.

We highly ensure collaboration, flexibility, and a fast pace to reach our clients and engineers anytime and anywhere.

Our engineers and clients have direct access to our leadership and consultation team. This is to make sure that we thoroughly understand our clients’ expectations and deliver them accordingly.

Our Training Program

Our job is to simplify the complex technologies to suit our clients’ and our engineers’ needs. We also help them to fix the bugs before deployment. This is done to save a lot of their time and energy in the long run. We have a document review that has zero compromises on the quality.

Our software helps them create and customize automated business processes and web services, integrate applications, and efficiently handle heavy workloads.

Our interface is drag-and-drop and easy to use. It has more than 100 pre-built functions and services needed for rapid development.

We provide a unique platform that understands the users’ needs and generates applications accordingly. The applications are suitable for present and future technologies. Our software is such that it evolves quickly and vigilantly responds to the markets and technological changes.

We also have a visual database designer and manager. It enables the clients and the engineers to design a database scheme and interact with it visually. The scheme can be deployed on multiple databases, and it helps them visually explore the data and build queries. They can also compare different scheme versions by the generation of migration scripts.

Our software has one of the best application development tools. They allow the development of mobile, desktop, and web applications. They support smart and faster code editing. Their management process is easy and efficient. Also, it helps in writing bug-free code.

We have an integrated and online software development environment, and they support many programming languages by software design tools. Through this, engineers can clone the entire development environment.

Our software is developed such that it ensures easy debugging and faster coding. It is particularly designed for creating applications that boost the productivity of developers.

Our unique software works across many popular operating systems like Linux and Windows. It can be browsed easily. And can be opened whole or multiple projects in one window. There is a smart and flexible autocomplete option.

We can be easily accessed through mail at info@ttneworldtechnology.com and on-call at +1 2405955190.