Unmatched Consultancy Services for Cloud Infrastructure Design

To build a highly reliable and cost-effective cloud ecosystem, the flexibility of modern cloud solutions and the diversity of technologies may necessitate additional know-how and professional expertise. At TT New World Technology, our Cloud Architects can help you with cloud architecture design from the ground up and also enable existing architecture redesign, improvement, and provide infrastructure automation consultancy.

Services for Cost Optimization in the Cloud

The keys to controlling costs at your organization and not spending more are Measurement and Monitoring. Our architects and DevOps can assist you in setting up monitoring systems that will allow you to manage and estimate your costs, allowing you to make well-informed optimization decisions. We will discover under-utilized instances to downsize, cold/warm storage, infrastructure issues, and design a cloud cost optimization plan through a technical audit. We employ innovative methods to achieve the ideal combination of quality, performance, and cost to redesign the infrastructure.

Services for Cloud Migration

The Cloud Developers at TT New World Technology can design the ideal cloud migration strategy for a secure, smooth and scalable adoption journey, whether you need to migrate from on-premises data centers, migrate from another cloud, or construct a hybrid cloud infrastructure. In addition, we can help you migrate workloads as-is or upgrade and improve your system with minimal downtime.

Services for CI/CD

Through sophisticated automation and monitoring across the whole application lifecycle, CI/CD helps enhance the speed and reliability of software deployment. Our DevOps experts will assist you in auditing your infrastructure and delivery process, identifying potential bottlenecks, selecting the optimal tools, designing and implementing CI/CD pipelines, and continuing optimization and maintenance.

Industry-Leading Training Goals for DevOps

  • DevOps practices from beginning to conclusion
  • Creating CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins
  • Configuration management with Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and other tools
  • Kubernetes for Container Orchestration Deployment
  • DevOps testing is integrated into the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery workflows.
  • Techniques for selecting test tools and automating test execution


Characteristics of TT New World Technology Education & Training

  • Customized modules of Training

Module adaptations allow training programs to be tailored to the needs of individual business units.

  • Certification

Certifications recognized throughout the business might be used to augment the Training.

  • Support for several languages

Course materials can be given in English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, or any other language on request.

  • Customized Training Reports

At regular intervals, each candidate is assessed individually and offered unique learning suggestions tailored to his or her learning style.

  • Orientation Training

After completing industry-specific Training, candidates can start billable projects immediately.

  • Diversity of training platforms

There are three different types of Training available: Virtual Instructor-Led, Instructor-Led, and Blended Training


What is the significance of TT New World Technology Consultancy?

  1. Faculty of Experts

Our Faculty consists of thoroughly professional SMEs with extensive expertise. In addition, all of our instructors have years of proven proficiency under their belt.

  1. Successful track record

We’ve worked with over 100 worldwide corporate clients and have a 99 percent success rate in reaching training objectives for all the technologies we offer.

  • Blended learning¬†

We deliver course information to our clients on any platform they desire. You can use an exclusive platform or a mix of ILT, VILT, and DLP.

  1. Learning Paths

Learning routes are well-defined and include clear standards. The success of the learning program is measured through quantitative assessments at regular intervals.

  1. Case Study

To enhance training delivery, we have gathered over 1,000+ case studies. Following the training, candidates will be trained to work on any real-time business vertical.