TT New World Technology Consultancy

The team at TT New World Technology has dedicated their career to match organizations with the best candidates across the market fast and efficiently. Our nationwide bench of pre-vetted candidates, and our recruiters have served as the team’s backbone for over 20 years. Irrespective of your requirements, we’ll partner with you closely to ensure that you can hire the people who will help finish your projects on time and within budget.

Partnering with our IT project consulting team means that you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

Providing high-touch service

Each engagement begins with a comprehensive assessment of your company’s technical requirements, company culture, and why certain past hires did not work out.

A reliable and knowledgeable partner

We know technology, transformation, data/analytics, and business operations inside and out. This allows us to get started quickly since we are already familiar with your language.

Providing customized vetting services

In order to optimize the vetting process and save you time at the front end of the process, we build out comprehensive screening questions once we have set up a mutual understanding of the nuances of the search, shape a custom strategy, and implement it.

In-depth analysis of the candidate’s fit

Our team thoroughly examines each potential candidate and passes on the information to your team so that only those candidates will be able to contribute on day one.

Candidates shortlisted based on their qualifications

Getting lucky through volume is never what we try to achieve. Once we have completed the intake and vetting process, we will bring you one or two qualified candidates who we know can do the job well.




Corporate Consultancy Training

We have specialized in assisting our clients in identifying people and process issues that may be impeding their businesses from attaining optimal results. Our objectives are to work with you to assess, conceive, plan, and implement effective training that boosts employee productivity, enhances their performance, and encourages a relentless pursuit of excellence through various learning solutions.

In today’s hard economic circumstances, employee development and process improvement are competitive advantages and strategic needs. Allow us to aid your organization by assisting you in maximizing your most valuable resource, which is people. We use a collaborative approach to developing a successful training strategy.

A set of educational activities targeted at developing employee knowledge or assuring skill attainment in the workplace is called corporate training. This type of training benefits both the company and the employees:

  • Corporate training programs provide organizations with various benefits, including improved productivity, teamwork, efficiency, and talent retention.
  • As part of this training program, employees develop both their personal and professional skills, enabling them to better perform at their current jobs and improve their career prospects.

Despite the increasing complexity of business, every organization believes that its employees should have the opportunity to participate in corporate training due to the constant need to upgrade their skill sets. The following are some of the benefits they offer:

  • They play an important role in reducing skill gaps significantly
  • Employee retention is encouraged by these companies
  • Employee productivity is boosted as a result of their presence
  • In addition, they allow business processes to be standardized
  • It improves motivation, job satisfaction, and performance
  • Minimizing risk and reducing waste of resources is one of their main objectives
  • It is a firm belief that the workplace should be a place of learning