Premium IT Consultation & Support for Core IT Business Services

At TT New World Technology, we have the experience and competence to handle your IT service needs with expertise and professionalism, from installing automation technologies and developing self-managed IT environments to deploying auto-scaling solutions that can cut costs and assure uptime. Our team’s approach to design, deployment, and monitoring your entire IT ecosystem is based on Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Integration and Delivery principles, which helps you reduce operational costs, improve security and standards compliance, and reallocate valuable resources to strategic business initiatives.

Our customized Managed Services based on SLAs and quality indicators provide transparency and in-depth insight into how we work. Every step of the journey, we keep in touch with you and ask for your comments and permission.

TT New World Technology can help you modernize your IT operations, reduce costs, and also reduce downtime.

Finest Cloud Consulting & Support

  1. Cloud Consultation

Before designing a SaaS application, you should be well-versed in all technology alternatives, current trends, cloud computing disruptors, and the best monetization methods. TT New World Technology provides comprehensive consulting services to assist you in making educated selections.

  1. Cloud Strategy

Depending on your product, our experts will determine the most effective method of launching a well-tailored cloud strategy. We’ll assist your organization in developing a minimum viable cloud solution, which we’ll continue to improve as your business demands grow. Finally, we’ll construct a clear roadmap for your firm, capturing cost efficiencies and establishing granular expenditure management because our experience spans the entire lifespan of cloud application development.

  • Cloud Integration

We help you integrate cloud SaaS solutions seamlessly with third-party services, such as management consoles, payment APIs, and live help channels. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your applications being able to communicate with one another.

Why choose TT New World Technology?

  • To improve data security
  • To save money on the cost of hiring a permanent expert
  • To troubleshoot technological problems
  • To meet technological demands and remain competitive,
  • To increase customer happiness while also increasing employee productivity

Our Cloud solutions can speed up your business

  • Cloud migration

Consider developing and transferring an existing application to the cloud if it can’t keep up with your company’s expansion and is causing performance issues. You’ll be able to keep using your historical data records while also benefiting from the modern cloud SaaS application’s increased flexibility and scalability.

  • Developing cloud-based applications

Cloud computing allows for on-demand access to key IT resources on a pay-per-use basis. In addition, we can help you exploit the cloud’s properties to avoid network infrastructure, storage units, maintaining servers, and other IT facilities instead of focusing on your core business activities, thanks to our experience and expertise in cloud-native development.

  • Identifying issues and communicating desired objectives 

Our experts will begin by doing a thorough examination of your existing condition. Then, they’ll rapidly identify the underlying issues that your firm needs to solve and recommend the most cost-effective solutions.

  • Developing a strategy

Then, using the latest technologies, TT New World Technology’s experts will create an action plan that contains a step-by-step roadmap to reach your company goals by incorporating them into apps.

  • Developing a plan

Following that, the customer reviews the suggested strategy, discusses necessary revisions, and finally approves the action plan.